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Sunday, January 13, 2019


My son lived on Home Avenue ten or more years ago before moving to Medford Lakes in Burlington County.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

1947: This was the Trenton of my youth.

This incredibly clear photo from the R..C. Maxwell collection (CALL NUMBER XXH1658) recalls Trenton as it was before the societal changes that resulted in "white flight," suburban malls, and inadequate on street parking. Very sincere thanks to the many informed civic minded lovers of this grand old town who are making real strides in bringing back a sense of revival; a revival which is seemingly centered not on State and Broad, but moving a block westward to State and Warren. I love Trenton and always will. I have dedicated my retired years to bringing local history of Trenton, Hamilton, Ewing and other local areas who are keeping that spirit alive.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Look closely at the black and white engraving of the gentleman sitting at his desk in front of shelving filled with vintage (antique) BOUND newspapers. The graphic on the right shows just a very small portion of my 100+ year collection of Trenton newspapers dating from 1869 to the 1940's. There are literally millions of pages in that incredible collection. Back in the 1970's and 80's most libraries made a serious error in using microfilm copies of these old papers in order to save the large amount of space that is required to store these volumes. Microfilm is fine for normal viewing, but the digital scanner can reproduce a copy of the original photo or article that can be reproduced in many cases in better condition than that from the original newspaper page.


I love this 1964 photo of Route 33 in the Deerwood section of Hamilton. Many familiar signs including the legendary "Tony Cal's" This graphic is from the "RESTAURANTS AND EATERIES" folder in the Local History Collection of the Hamilton Township Public Library.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

I will be transferring many of these Duke University R.C. Maxwell photos from my Facebook pages. Here's one from my era when I waited her for the Trailways bus that would take me to the U.S. Army Security Signal School at Fort Devens, Massachusetts for 9 months of schooling in cloak and dagger security for my 3 year U.S. Army career.    
This is my favorite view of downtown Trenton. Mostly because it has a very nice glimpse of Yard's 
where my dear wife Judy worked in the Infants' Wear section from her teen years up to our 1954 wedding. Note the clarity on this incredibly beautiful photo. Good things are happening in Trenton with many positive people working very hard to bring back what was a very friendly city. God bless them all. It seems that South Warren Street is now the area that has been the focus of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Do you remember when South Warren Street ran straight south before the detoured it to South Broad Street? I sure do. Tilden Brakes, Penn Jersey Auto stores, etc. This is a "segmented" photo; meaning it has been enlarged and separated from the original in order to zero in on the Yard's store.

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