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Thursday, January 10, 2019

1947: This was the Trenton of my youth.

This incredibly clear photo from the R..C. Maxwell collection (CALL NUMBER XXH1658) recalls Trenton as it was before the societal changes that resulted in "white flight," suburban malls, and inadequate on street parking. Very sincere thanks to the many informed civic minded lovers of this grand old town who are making real strides in bringing back a sense of revival; a revival which is seemingly centered not on State and Broad, but moving a block westward to State and Warren. I love Trenton and always will. I have dedicated my retired years to bringing local history of Trenton, Hamilton, Ewing and other local areas who are keeping that spirit alive.


Ray Hodges said...

Those buses lasted up to the sixties and seventies. I can still smell the exhaust.

Unknown said...

Tom,thank you for your efforts doing all this, it is very interesting.