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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

I will be transferring many of these Duke University R.C. Maxwell photos from my Facebook pages. Here's one from my era when I waited her for the Trailways bus that would take me to the U.S. Army Security Signal School at Fort Devens, Massachusetts for 9 months of schooling in cloak and dagger security for my 3 year U.S. Army career.    

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SJBill said...

I was home ported in Quonset Point, RI. Had to choose between the bus from the Perry Street Terminal (to Port Authority Terminal) or the train from the Pennsy Station on South Clinton. Either way, it took forever, frequently overnight travel with the long layover and engine change in New Haven, or waiting in bus terminals. ALl the sailors congregated in the Club Car, or course.
When my ship was in Boston, my choices expanded. I could fly to Newark on Allegheny Airlines from Mercer County Airport in just a few minutes (on a DC-3) and then on to Boston (in an Eastern Airlines Super Connie or Electra). Four hours, door to door, in the lap of luxury.