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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

This is my favorite view of downtown Trenton. Mostly because it has a very nice glimpse of Yard's 
where my dear wife Judy worked in the Infants' Wear section from her teen years up to our 1954 wedding. Note the clarity on this incredibly beautiful photo. Good things are happening in Trenton with many positive people working very hard to bring back what was a very friendly city. God bless them all. It seems that South Warren Street is now the area that has been the focus of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Do you remember when South Warren Street ran straight south before the detoured it to South Broad Street? I sure do. Tilden Brakes, Penn Jersey Auto stores, etc. This is a "segmented" photo; meaning it has been enlarged and separated from the original in order to zero in on the Yard's store.

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SJBill said...

Great pic, indeed! This image is from (possibly) June of '46 with Don Ameche and Myra Loy's "So Goes My Love," playing at the RKO Capitol. My Mom would have been pushing me in a baby carriage at the time.

Happy New Year, Tom!

Tom Glover said...

Hi Bill. Nice to hear from you. I inserted a caption at the bottom of the photo including the date 1946 when I posted the photo.