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Monday, July 06, 2015


Did you know that when you approach the White Horse circle from Bordentown that you are entering one of the oldest and most historic areas in Mercer County? As you cross the bridge crossing Crosswicks Creek, you are passing by the old draw bridge that was there during the Colonial era. There was a rebel skirmish at that location back during the Revolutionary war. Furthermore, as you pass by and look to your right, along the NORTH shore of Crosswicks Creek, You are looking at the site of the former Robert Pearson House; long since removed and now the approximate location of an apartment complex. As you reach the infamous White Horse Circle and make your turn on to Sout Broad Street. The site of the very historic White Horse Tavern comes into view. (See the Google Map; I have superimposed the old tavern on its original site.) That's your history lesson for today.


Jim C said...

It was Robert Pearson's son, Isaac Pearson, who built and owned the White Horse Tavern

Tom Glover said...

Thanks Jim. I didn't know that very interesting fact! This is how I want to see my website utilized. There is always someone who has interesting and informed information to add to whatever is posted. No one person knows all. If you haven't been to Jim's website dedicated to Broad Street Park, by all means visit; you will find a wealth of historic information. Click or type:


Michael said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Hey Jim. Good to see your eversmiling face.