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Friday, July 03, 2015


"Tulip Time in Holland is a time for merry fun,
Market place is crowded and the joy has just begun,
We are here to celebrate and when the day is done,
We will not forget those happy hours..."
"The Way We Were: is one of the wonderful songs I sing at Jack Pyrah and my Kuser Farm Park Gazebo summer concerts. I will always be so very grateful to the Hamilton Township school system for giving me such a well rounded education. Of course, most of my concentration was on the musical programs we performed both at my Kuser grammar school and then on to Hamilton High. My partner Jack Pyrah and I both lost our Hamilton High School sweethearts and God has gifted both of us with the gift of masculine baritone voices. We both come across songs that we are not quite emotionally ready to sing yet; song like, "Miss you, since you went away, dear," "Sweet Sixteen," "The Girl that I Marry," and others that have lyrics reminding us that we both lost our wives after 60 plus years of marriage. I've said it countless times and it is true: Music is a gift from God.

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Lee Belardino said...

Best part of "Tulip time" was when big Ray Danbury picked you up. We went wild. Ray was a greeeeeatguy and Sandra was one of the best. Keep singing and remembering the good times.