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Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Back in 1897 when Mr. Charles Fulkert a South Trenton saloon owner, opened the Bromley Inn, little did he know that he was creating an historic edifice that would become a perfect gathering place for prominent persons from all over the east coast who were harness racing horse owners and race fans and very active in the Lexington Kentucky style harness racing track at financier Henry N. Smith's Fashion Stud Farm. General Grant and other notables kept one of his horses in the stables at the stud farm. For those unfamiliar with the aforementioned racing venue, the stud farm was located in the area of today's Grounds For Sulpture and of course the late, lamented "Interstate Fair;" more familiarly known known as the New Jersey State Fair. Sadly, the Bromley Inn is falling into a sad physical state as it sits abandoned and forlornly on Route 33. We are very encouraged by the news that there is going to be a Walmart placed on the site which will serve as an anchor store in the new shopping center. A tip of the hat to our town fathers for bringing this worthy project to fruition. I would bet that the new shopping center will be a popular and much needed asset to those of us who are residents of the Bromley area. It would also be the ideal time for a history minded entity to capitalize on the popularity of the Grounds For Sculpture area, and look to the possibilities of the Bromley Inn for preservation and utilization. As a 60 year resident of Bromley (Greenwood Village 1950 and currently Atlantic Avenue,) Sincere thanks to Hamilton Township's Economic Development people for what could be a new positive future for aging Bromley; a great old neighborhood that I perceive to be a community in need of attention.

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