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Thursday, August 21, 2014


I wrote a couple columns relating to the fire company of my youth. At the time, "Big John" Lenhardt was the Chief and as you can see in the column I wrote back in 1983, I was not cut out to be a fire fighter. My buddy, the late Jess Anderson was the epitome of the perfect fireman. I can still see him parked in front of my Hartley Avenue house as the distinctive Colonial siren went off. He'd hop into the 40 Ponitac, kick over the starter and zip up Newkirk hell bent for leather. Some of the names I remember from that great Colonial gang, beside all the Lenhardt boys, were Costigan, Norm Bade, and the Peterson boys.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget my Father - Tom Feehan and all my uncles -

John Frese, Bill Golden and John Vaughn -

John Vaughn was killed on the railroad on May 12, 1940 and I am still looking for any info on the accident

Lorraine May

Tom Glover said...

Hi Lorraine:
I was recalling those whom I had contact back in the early 50's. As I recall, your mom took fire calls back in the early years. Great to hear from Haven't heard from you; haven't heard from you for a while. XO Tom

Tom Glover said...


Been extremely busy with the Gropp's Lake Lakeside Park Reunion. I don't have your email address. Please email me at re John Vaughn. I have two clippings which you may or may not have.