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Friday, August 22, 2014


This is a very comprehensive list of street names that were changed back in 1889. This was originally a 37 inch single Trenton Evening Times classified ad column and much too long to be legibly seen on a computer screen. It has been digitally converted to 4 columns. It provides an excellent reference for Trenton history minded citizens whose research lists old Trenton city names.


Jersey Girl said...

Hi Tom,

it must have taken quite awhile for folks to remember all these changes!! I know how confusing it was to me when they made a lot of the streets one-way. Also, they made more name changes to streets in the last 40-50 years.

Ron Bound Sr said...

Cool to see how Dayton Street came about, from Broad St to Vroom St. The Lenoxville Club was on corner of Vroom and Dayton. Mom and Dad went there, and I remember playing quoits there, and remember Dad playing Catch 5. When I enlisted in the AF in '59, people didn't know about quoits nor Catch 5. (Not mention Tomato Pie, and Pork Roll). Ron

Anonymous said...

My family lived on "Fair St" when the that name was changed to "Bloomsbury". It was a year or so before they moved to Fall St. around the corner where I was born.
BTW: the origin of Fall St. comes from the it being at the "fall line" of the glaciers that pushed the rock down the Deleware River. The river was and probably still is navagible below the Railroad Bridge, just down Rt. 29.


Mike Kuzma