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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Neighborhood development history is exciting. It gives one the chance to know when a neighborhood had it beginnings. Here's a plat map of the Cuyler, Cook. and Ardmore area which was quite suburban back in 1912.

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rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, When I was married in 1962, Madeline and I had our first residence, here, at 424 Ardmore Ave. We had an apartment, on the second floor. This was a beautiful residential street, with an island down the center, with old style street lamps. There were lots of older folks, on our block, some were widows, but really nice to a young couple, just starting out. I rented garages, in the alley, to house my old cars. Frank Borgia, the Italian Language teacher at Trenton High, was our landlord, and I remember some very interesting conversations, with him on weekends, usually in the warmer weather. I believe the island is gone now. There were some exciting evenings when a driver, who may have had one too many, sailed around the corner, off of Hamilton Ave, and either jumped the island, or hit the first lamp post. Great neighborhood, until the riots changed everything in the late sixties, and we left for Hamilton Square. rayfromvillapark