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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I really love this photo. It is an area of Trenton close to Goldberg's; which was my favorite place when I was a boy. Their "Toyland" was beyond compare. Later in my young life, I worked in the mens; wear department at Gimbels with Mrs. Whitebread, the mother of one of my Kuser grammar school sweethearts. Then, along came Swern;s and Santa's annual climb up the ladder to the second floor of the store, and finally, Lit Brother's took over. With the social unrest, rioting and pillaging of the town back in the sick sixties, all those great old landmark stores left town.


Jersey Girl said...

I totally agree with you. Going uptown on Thursday nights was such a big deal back then. I was nine then and I loved Swern's and Lobel's. My family would eat at Woolworth's where you stepped down to the counter for dinner. I'm so glad I was born in that generation, it was the best time.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that this photo was taken just about a month before my 16th birtday (12/15/49)
I was in my freshman year at THS, and about this time ( before Thanksgiving) I was applying to Swerns (on the right out of frame)
for my first no labor intensive job. Sam Swern Hired me and my first job that Christmas was being stationed at the foot of the new and spectactulat "Escalator" The first in the City. I had to assist the ladies who were reluctant to risk their lives on this new fangled contration.
Ultimately I was moved to men's furnishings, and worked the Christmas Season for Mr. Swern, and his successor Lit Bros. of Phila. How time flies.


Mike Kuzma

Jersey Girl said...

I'm trying to remember the name of a shoe store in Trenton. In the 50's, we all bought our black and white saddle shoes from a certain store, in fact we named the shoes by the store name. They had a reddish sole that was flat with no added heel. We all polished the sole black. For the life of me, I can't think of the store. We bought ballerina shoes from Purcell's...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom - In answer to Jersey Girl's question, the best black and white saddle shoes were from Fisher's Shoe Store on West State Street. I think these are the ones whe was referring to. Thanks for another memory!
Lakeside Girl

Jersey Girl said...

Dear Lakeside Girl,

That's it! I could not remember the name of that store. It was so frustrating. They had the BEST saddle shoes, I polished mine every night. It's a great memory.

Thank you so much!