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Sunday, December 01, 2013


This photo will be familiar to those of us who loved in the Greenwood-Wilbur-Bromley area over the years. the church still stands. A correction is due, thanks to my friend Alan Wildblood who corrected my former caption that the church is no longer a Baptist church.The building is still a Baptist church known as the Macedonia Baptist Church. The church is well attended, and based on my observation of the cars lined all along Greenwood and Garfield Avenues on Sunday mornings. Note that I have also changed the copyright title from GethsemEne to GethsemAne.


Anonymous said...

As teenagers, we walked past this church almost each Saturday to the Greenwood Theater.

We would also go on long walks from Waverly Place along Greenwood Ave. all of the way to the train station and back. It was always a wonderful walk on warm evenings passing this beautiful church and the lovely old homes on Greenwood Avenue.

They are the evenings I have missed the most after I moved to the country....even after 58 years of being away.

Thank you so much for these old memories that come to mind when we
look at these great photos. These memories are precious.


Anonymous said...

Interesting you mentioned this edifice now housing the New Mascedonia church.
The origins of that church was in a small brick buiding on Decature St. in Jewtown between Fall St. and Bridge St. It was located directly across from the Blacksmith who shod the horse ridden there by suburbanites back in the 30's and 40's.
The Rev. Killingsworth was the pastor, whose daughter, Pat was a classmate of mine at Parker School. Urban renewal relocated them to a church on East St. in Wilbur, just before Logan Ave.
Most of the parishioners were friends and neighbors of mine.
Proud to see where there ended after such humble begginnings.


Mike Kuzma

Ron Bound Sr said...

Pretty sure I went to Cub Scout meetings there, in the 40s and or early 50s. Ron