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Sunday, December 01, 2013


Like my friend "RayfromVillaPark," I love these downtown scenes of Trenton and especially the old cars as they existed back in the day. It would be a rare thing to see cars parked end on end along the North Broad Street curb without parking meters. Ray, here are some fine specimens for you to check out. I know you share my fixation with old cars, but you have that extra auto knowledge to identify many of these classics that our fathers and grandfathers drove around the area.

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rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, You are absolutely right, I do love these old Trenton scenes. With a little imagination, you can relive some of your adventures in and around the areas pictured. The photographs reproduce so well, with such clarity, they can be studied to pick out all of the little details. They stand alone, as a piece of history to be preserved. The interesting car in this photo, is the tiny American Austin, parked just in front of the Ford Model AA Truck. The car was diminutive, and was built under license,from Austin of England. It was introduced in 1930, and expired in 1935, only to reappear in 1937, as the American Bantam. Built in Butler, PA, it's radiator emblem, was a bantam rooster. The little car spoke to a sparse number of buyers, among them, a few Hollywood celebrities, including Laurel and Hardy, who had fun with one in one of their movies. The factory closed for good, in 1940. rayfromvillapark