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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


The above vignette shows the incredible talent of model builder and regular glover320 website contributor, Ray Paszkiewicz. Ray has crafted these incredible models with equally incredible detail. Look closely at each photo. You will think you are looking at a real on the road Trenton Transit bus. Exquisite craftsmanship, Ray.

Hi Tom, You opened the door with the latest Maxwell photo of the Trenton Transit bus on East State St. When I visited you last, at the Hamilton Library, I asked if you could publish photos of a model I manufactured, about 10 years ago, of this bus. It is in 1/43rd scale, approximately 9 inches in length, and is as close to the real vehicle, as is possible to do in this scale. I did a lot of research to get the graphics
correct, as the pictures enclosed will show. My favorite destination board, is Hiltonia, as I rode this bus, from
Villa Park, as a kid. You will see Kerns Beverages advertising on the front, and Ballantine Beer and Sunbeam Bread on the side flanks. I also, made a second bus that ran through Trenton, either North or South, from the Perry St. Bus Terminal. I have enclosed a photo of my Public Service Coordinated Transport of New Jersey bus. This Battleship Gray bus was a familiar sight in Trenton. A third vehicle,
paying tribute to Trenton,  is a 1949 Diamond T 201 wrecker, Tex Wrecking Service, 10 East Front St, with the famous Trenton Export telephone prefix. You can see just the rear of one of their wreckers, in a Maxwell photo you published at the corner of Front and Warren. I obtained a photo of their trucks, from the
Trentoniana Collection, at the Trenton Library. to get my graphics correct. As I mentioned to you, I visited Lee Buker, when I was doing my research for the bus. I am sending 3 emails to get in all of the photos. Thanks, Ray

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