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Monday, June 03, 2013


This rather rare photo of the old Trenton Farmers' Market on Lamberton Street gives a graphic look at the market and get a good idea of its size. For quite a few summers as a teenager, my best friend Don Slabicki and I worked at the Bertothy farm on Kuser and Leonard road, the present site of Trenton Catholic Academy. We picked corn by day, piled bag after bag with the earliest "early corn." We sold from the tailgate of Joe Bertothy's 36 Ford Station wagon. Always a bakers dozen of 13.


Anonymous said...


Great Photo = wonderful memories.

The body of water in the foreground is the "basin" to which I referred in a recent post re: the The Trenton Warf. As noted, the basin is where I learned to swim before venturing out into the River. I too worked the farmers market. Unlike you, I can't recall the name of the farmer I picked tomatoes for, wiped them shiny and became a huckster at night.
Bet you do remember the food concession in the brick buidling, and the big sleeve of popcorn for a nickle. I still remember the lady who ran it; she was Lou Zier's wife, with red hair.

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Remember it well, Mike. Not the popcorn, the building.
"here y'are, get your fresh picked Jersey Sweet corn here. 35 cents per dozen!