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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Were you to try to contact the Glover family via the telephone back in 1944, you would find a few "Glover" listings, but none of them would be relatives. You would call our next door neighbors who had a "party line" phone and we would hop the railing in our duplex house, go next door and take the call. With WWII in full bloom e were slowly gaining financial stability but still in the throes of the great depression and not quite ready to add a telephone bill to our budget. Speaking of party lines, back then you might have shared the same number with another party. You always had to be careful not to encroach on another party. Two rings were for party "A" and 1 ring for party "B." How archaic is that?

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Unknown said...

Tom, Just below your name are the Goekes. Two different lines, one related the other not related.
Noel Goeke