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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I have had a dog in my family for 75 of my 80 years, They all hold a special place in my heart. With the passing of my last two dogs "Shadow" and "Happy," I swore I would never have another dog. Shadow was a black and white Malamute (Husky) with blue eyes. Happy was a silver and white Malamute, also with blue eyes. Only a dog lover can explain the love that exists between a dog and his or her master. With dogs, it's unconditional love, and I must admit it is the same with me. The little lady up there was given to me last Fathers' Day when my dear wife in cahoots with my daughter Julie got this lovable pup from the "Puppy Barn" down in Burlington County. The sales lady asked who was getting the dog. When my daughter told her it was for "my daddy," the lady suggested that a female would be more appropriate; there is a special bond between female animals and their male counterparts. Wow, was she right! My dog and I have one of those old fashioned "Mutual Admiration Societies!"

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Sally Logan Gilman said...

You are so right, Tom. There is something special about a female pooch and her "father.'' Our female Jack Russell terriers have always loved the men in our family the most but our newest, 1-year-old, Lilly, loves everyone, so I have at least gotten a foot in the affection door. I worked really hard to form that bond with her and it's paying off. Your little lady is adorable. You are a lucky man.