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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My very first girl friend and singing partner, Shirley Whitebread and her family attended this church when they lived in the Woodlawn Park area of Hamilton. The stately old edifice still stands today and is kept in relatively nice condition by members of another faith.


Ron Bound Sr said...

Where is this church located? Trying to think of the church that was on NE corner of Greenwood and Olden, if I remember right. Preacher I am thinking about is Hartman. Ron

Tom Glover said...

Yes Ron. Greenwood and Olden is correct. Hartman was a Pastor.


Anonymous said...

Tom, can you say ..

Protestant, Methodist, Episcopal .. ?

I certainly hope so. It was one of the preliminary ways to diagnose the emerging stages of syphilis and it was quite accurate. It was indicative of the neural degradation of the disease.

Ed Millerick

Ron Bound Sr said...

Thanks Tom. I remember going to see Billy Graham, with him and his daughter, HHS sweetheart (she was Class of 57) at the time. They lived on Hamilton Av, across the street from Greenwood cemetery.