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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Perhaps this material was posted somewhere in the deep deep pages of this blog. However, I am not sure that I brought the two engravings above into any former post, and therefore am duplicating an entry relating to Trenton's historic Prospect Presbyterian Church. The grand old building still stands, but no longer affiliated with the name Prospect Presbyterian.


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Tom: Your blog is busy for me today. My parents, Russell and Sarah Marie (Hutchinson) Logan were married here and I was baptized here. I sang in the choir, attended Sunday school and later taught classes. It was a beautiful, and as you say, historic building. It has not aged well but that is the story of my Trenton. Thanks for the wonderful photo of my former church and your always thoughtful comments. Regards

Tony S said...

I would pass this church almost every day on the way to somewhere else. It is still a magnificent edifice and for me as I was riding a bus home from downtown, was like a point of embarkation sending a verifying signal that home was not far off. Luckily it still sands proudly but for what use, I have no clue.

Sally Logan Giman said...

It's some church-affiliated use -- but not a so-called "mainstream'' religion. I had my best friend drive my husband and I by years ago and thankfully, it looked the same. So that is a good thing.