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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I never did try all 28 flavors, but they sure did have delightful ice cream. This photo will warm the heart of any of my contemporaries who dined at Howard Johnson's back in the day. Note the road side designation Route 25 and 206.

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Anonymous said...

lu"Your Host Of The Highways", and if your family traveled a lot, they were the first to "standardize" food, with each restaurant being the same, they took the guesswork out of stopping. It's been said that this formed the basis for McDonald's and other chain food places success with each order being the same. The only exception I can think of was the A&W Root Beer on Guam. The "California" burger was a bit different and then I found out that the Islanders substituted cabbage for lettuce since it would not hold up well in transport.

Those orange roof tiles and colonial architecture stood out for miles and beckoned to you, always starting with a shared order of deep fried clam strips. The ones I remember in the Trenton area were at the Broad Street Circle and on US 1 at Franklin Corner Road (Mrs. G's), there must have been some I'm forgetting?

Ed Millerick