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Friday, August 17, 2012


The Google Earth photo above shows and empty lot where Klatzkin's Men's Shop and the Hibbert Printing Company were once located. Klatzkin's Men's Shop at 189 South Broad Street, was next to the German Lutheran Church in and area now bounded by South Broad Street and Livingston Avenue. This address was also the original home of Trenton's legendary Hibbert Printing Company. I have superimposed a 1925 Trenton Times ad in the possible event that a Klatzkin family genealogist might be interested in this haberdashery which was once located in the city of Trenton.


Ed said...

Hi Tom, This site is terrific. I'm from that area, and a memory of a weird sight in the 1960s came back to me recently and I haven't been able to find a photo. Am I crazy, or was there a restaurant on or near Calhoun St with an airplane on the roof? The airplane was an old DC3 or something close in appearance.

Anonymous said...

The only airplane on the roof I can remember in our area was Flannery's in Langhorne and they had a Lockheed Supper Constellation on the roof. It actually had some tables and was part of the restaurant. That was the one with the "triple tail" (three rudder/horiz stabilizers), you can "Wiki" it and there are some pics that will come up. I flew down to Australia in a military version of that bird.

Ed Millerick

Ed said...

Thanks Ed Millerick
Wow I'm surprised how inaccurate my memory was on that one. I found a photo of Flannery's and that plane is twice the size of what I remember. Maybe my family stopped there on a trip to Philly before I-95 was built.. we definitely would've gone by there

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of shopping in the area too and attractions like Greenwood Dairy for the "Pigs Dinner" or Reedman's 80 Acres where you might catch a glimpse of a Ferrari GTO or Lamborghini Miura. Tom, my first job after high school was in the Arnold Constable building but the state owned that lot alongside the church so that was where I parked in 1967.

Ed M.