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Thursday, August 16, 2012


What a beautiful photo! I am very familiar with this Sacred Heart Church area of trento. Back in the 1940's I made many trips to the Trenton Speedometer shop where Fritz Kuser's Ford Station wagons serviced on a periodic basis. The Mennuti's Market panel truck is making a delivery to one of the stores along the street. Mennuti's Market was on Anderson Street in Chambersburg.


Anonymous said...

Tom, I knew the Mennuti brothers very well and have to say that Tony and Frank were two of the most generous persons in the town. Always there to help and missed deeply. In the 1970's they had a lot of property "from Broad to Chambers" down Hamilton.

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...

I do remember this block albeit a little later since I was only two years old when photo was taken.
This is the row between Greenwood Ave, and Hamilton, where much changed with the advwent of the Trenton freeway.
The Menutti family were great butcher's and grocers. Frank Menutti joined me as Trenton Health Inspector in the 1960's.

His neice Phyllis was a dear friend who was once married to Marty Hillman of City of trenton Council. She would tell stories of her dad and the grocery, meat business, and many of the people they carried during the depression.
Ed is right, they did own several properties along Hamilton Ave, some of which extended to Olden Ave.

Mike Kuzma