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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1938 (Ca. 1938) Sportsmen from the Italian American Sportsmens' Club

So many familiar names! Carlo, there's a Benedetti in there, there's Salamandra, Rossi, Funari, Mancuso.....many others. Before the place changed to the Villa Ristorante, the caretakers of the old Italian American Sportsmen Club let me metal detect on the property. I discovered that skeet shooting was a very important part of the recreation on the open field. There were 12 gauge shell casings all over the place on the field a bit beyond Kuser Road.


Mack said...

Love It !!
Burg ancestors that built the world
I grew up in,, bless em all

Ralph Lucarella said...

HI tom....The Italian-American Sportsman Club was an outstanding organization which included most of Chambersburg's notable residents. Trap Shooting was a major sport and their picnic grounds were available to everyone. Tony DeFrank, our neighbor on Howell St., won many trophies for Trap Shooting there. John Baldaserri was the chef at their restaurant before he left to go to Roman Hall. They also had a cabin in Florida for shooting. I spent a few days there with Frank Agabiti. They were happy days. Best Regards.