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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


He was a common sight to see back in the very early years of World War II. After the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the sighting of Nazi U-Boats off the Jersey coast, America found itself in a scary security position. With the possibility of enemy air raids over the continental United States, the Civil Defense authorities throughout the land formed air plane spotters on the roof of local buildings, and most fearsome, the "blackout." Enter the air raid warden. His job was to police his local neighborhood during a blackout to make sure ALL homes were in complete darkness, and all autos on the road were blacked out. He was equipped with the Air Raid Warden helmet, a flashlight, a police whistle, and a notebook. My father and my older brother Len were both local wardens. I dare say a number of my visitors were wardens also, or have relatives who were.

1 comment:

Mack said...

My Grandpa Edwin MacNicoll had
an Air Raid Warden Badge my father
kept and would show us:)