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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


She was oh so gentle, she loved the kids and the kids loved her, she was 11 years old and diagnosed with diabetes. Doc Solomon prescribed insulin to be given on a daily basis but it was impossible to bring her count down. Bottom line: Happy went to dog heaven and is happily running in the woods she loved so much. She passed on 5 months ago, but in those intervening 5 months, it seems she is sending me subliminal messages from above. I have seen more dog-related commercials, movies and other related canine reminders over the past 5 months that I did in all my life. I can't spend 5 seconds watching that commercial that has mistreated dogs and cats looking out at me from the TV. I actually tear up when I see the look on some of those poor mistreated animals, and would love to have 5 minutes alone with those who mistreat helpless animals. Animal lovers will agree that your pet dog or cat give unconditional love. You have to be an animal lover to understand the pangs of remorse one gets as we go on in our life journey. Over the years the Glovers have had chickens, geese, dogs, cats, and I even had "Corky," my variegated Canary. I have made a decision that there will be no more pets for me. My emotional makeup is such that I feel the loss as though I was losing a son or daughter. The only consolation is that Happy led a good life; like my 9 grandchildren, she was "spoiled rotten" as Mom Glover used to say. She would never dream of eating the common, ordinary "Iams" "Purina" or other prepared dog food. For her it was Glover table food. Perhaps I contributed to her poor health, but I know while she lived those 10-plus years before becoming diabetic, she was a happy member of the family. I miss ya, Happy....but I know we'll meet again, along with "Sniffy," "Queenie," "Nipper," "Nellie," "Shadow," "Sport," "Blackie" my favorite childhood cat, and other much loved household pets whose names escape me.


Mack said...

God Bless Happy. Sorry for your loss Tom, Pets become part of the family.

JoeZ said...

Sorry to hear Tom, we lost our Luee last year, he spent 16 years with us and was just like our third son, loved the kids, grandkids who just played and played with him. It broke our hearts to put him to sleep. We also decided no more pets, just my wife and I now with our boys grown and living elsewhere. Sorry again Tom.