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Thursday, April 01, 2010


WWAs the World War II era fades into obcurity, I am so very grateful for the memories I have of that era as it relates to the "Home Front." We had rationing, scrap drives, blackouts, air raid wardens, airplanes flying over the Delaware Valley and especially over my very rural Hartley Avenue Home. Above is an article recalling just a few of the many memories which still remain in my 76 year old memory. For nearly 30 years, I have written many articles from that era.
It is for Ralph Lucarella and others from the "Greatest Generation" that these stories were written. The very sad fact is that there are pitifully few over 80 years of age who have adopted the computer as an incredible vehicle to amplify history. On the other hand, there will undoubtedly be current and future history-minded visitors to this blog who will find the stories of WWII and their heroes very stimulating and interesting. Let me know if you are among that select minority.


JoeZ said...

Great post about your WWII memories. So very interesting to read. Keep it up.

Ralph Lucarella said...

Hi Tom: World War II was like a night mare to many of us who witnessed what happened during that terrible era. Even though I was not involved in a combat situation, I spent much time with those who were. I was stationed on a supply base in the Coral Sea, which was the assembly location for many invasions and with men who took part in it. It was such a bad situation that even on the day of our departure there was a severe earthquake on the Island. The name of the Island Group was New Caladonia and the Island was Espirito Santos. I thank God I made it through and praise the men who gave their lives during that terrible period. Best Regards.