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Friday, April 02, 2010

1940's: The Pea Shooter!

Breathes there a boy from the 40's who didn't own the ultimate weapon? What fun we had going into the woods, filling our pockets with green wild cherries and fighting the good fight. The graphic above is a slide from one of my Kuser Mansion on screen presentations "PASTIMES FROM PAST TIMES" recalling the weapons and toys of our of our youth; ages before TV,
Ipods, cell phones, video games etc. One of my earlier posts has a graphic of a "Slappy." You can find it by using the "SEARCH BLOG" feature, key word SLAPPY. When we didn't have the nickel to buy a deluxe metal pea shooter with a wooden mouthpiece, we went to Kuser's Pond and cut a reed, hollowed it out and had one of Mother Nature's gifts to a boy.

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