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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Today it's called the Trenton Catholic Academy, McCorristin Campus. The younger generation who took over the school when the change was made chose to use the above name rather than the name most of us who were parishioners at St. Anthony Church preferred, namely McCorristin Catholic High School, Trenton Catholic Campus. Old timers in the parish were very aware of the back-breaking labor Monsignor McCorristin and his volunteer workers expended in order to build that school which was to be called St. Anthony High School. I was at the dedication of the field on which the new high school was to be constructed. At the time, there were still corn stalks sticking up from the ground.


Bill K said...

Thank you for sharing this Mr. Glover. My sister Denise was part of the class of 79...I remember this well. So many great memories.

Tom Glover said...

Thanks, Bill. You and I share those very pleasant and sometimes bittersweet memories. I ask all my visitors, especially those who are "regulars" to please call me Tom.

Happy Easter!