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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I received a comment from the late Herb Griffith's daughter, Donna. She was commenting on the aerial view of Bromley which I posted a few years ago.
Unfortunately Donna, you didn't leave your email address, so I am opting to respond via this post with a photo of Herb from my "HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL" folder, dated June, 1937. It will make a nice addition to the Griffith family album if you don't have a copy. Herb Griffith was "one of the boys," as we used to say at HHS in my years there from 1948 to 1951.

Hi Donna:
Your Dad was a very special guy. I had him back in the 50's as a Sophomore at HHS, and also as my homeroom teacher. He was my Biology teacher, and also my home room teacher. His generation of educators will never be replaced. They not only taught subject, but also values and manners. I am posting a photo of him from my "HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL" folder when he was a young man at Ursinus college. I hope you don't have it. It will make a nice addition to the Griffith family album. As I recall, Herb had recently returned from the Navy when I went to HHS. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you return often.


Many thanks to HHS classmate Bob Walter for telling me I forgot to add an "S" to Herb Griffiths' name in this post. Thanks, Bob. Great to hear from you.

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ReliabilityGuy said...

Hi Donna:
Your father was a very special friend to our Gallagher family. From soccer coach, to teacher, to being my elementary principle, to having him visit our home - he was just a great guy.