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Monday, June 13, 2016


This graphic is for the "hard core" historian who loves the heritage of the Trenton of yesteryear, and also loves local Civil War memories. These two graphics come together after being separated by a number of years. The graphic on the right was in my "BUSINESSES-TRENTON" folder for many years (1983). Then along came the photo on the right just today to join in a dual graphic of historic interest. Fascinating!

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SJBill said...

The Wilson and Stokes building was at the foot of Hudson Street where it intersected with Cass. On the opposite side of the street was Frank Mesanko's Insurance Agency (the odd-shaped building at the intersection).

This building was in use at least through the 1960s - maybe longer. The site was used to sell welding supplies. My Dad was a roofer in the Burg and this was where he bought his acetylene tanks, Prest-O-Lite torches, etc.

I could tell it had incredible history as it absolutely smelled of it.

Behind the building was the coal yard which was fed by a rail spur. The coal was dumped through a trestle into bins where it was sorted by size.

All this was another area after hour "exploration" by kids in the neighborhood. I think that today the descriptive term or such activity would be "trespassing".