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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


What a wonderful job I have as the local Hamilton Township Public Library historian-Archivist! I have been perusing my "SCHOOLS-HAMILTON," SCHOOLS-TRENTON, "SCHOOLS- MISCELLANEOUS" folders and am pleasantly surprised to find that the files in these folders is, and has been slowly growing. Assuming that these digital history folders survive the test of time after Tom Glover moves on the the great beyond, future generations will be very grateful to Hamilton Township and their public library for preserving these historic documents for the future use of students and those interested in the local history of Hamilton, Trenton and the outlying area. Except for the wonderful Trenton Historical Society, it would seem that none of our local libraries seem to be interested in digital preservation. If I am in error on this observation, please let me know.

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Lee Belardino said...

I went to 2 of the schools before we moved to Hamilton. Washington and Franklin. I went to Franklin when we lived on Liberty street. Had to pass Priors' donuts every morning. Smell of those fresh donuts was fantastic. Best donuts ever made.