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Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Every time I recall my very early years of dating Judy Britton and recall how I would "accidentally" be passing by the intersection of Hamilton and Newkirk Avenue and see her standing on the corner waiting for the Trenton Transit bust that would take her to State and Broad Street for her job at Yard's Department Store. Long story short: I ended up passing that intersection any time I was available and she was on the corner. Then it was off to downtown Trenton and an early detour for coffee and perhaps a doughnut at Clede's Luncheonette on E. Hanover Street for an intimate close up conversation and getting to know each other. The rest is history. My Judy ended up as Mrs. Tom Glover and I fondly look back on those precious hours I spent courting the most beautiful girl in the world. The photo of Clede's is a treasure. Of course Judy standing on the corner was put there thanks to the magic of PhotoShop.

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Lee Belardino said...

Tommy Glover. Judy Britton, Shirly Whitebread, Ray Danbury,Louise Baird. For a guy who was lucky enough to be part of that group is
just that. Enough.