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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


How time has flown! Were it not for this Hamilton Township legend, there would be no Hamilton Township Public Library LOCAL HISTORY COLLECTION. Jack and Mayoral Aide "Mo" Rossi, along with then Hamilton Business Administrator Joe Bellina were kind enough to let me present my case that Hamilton needed a comprehensive local history repository. I had pointed out the fact that the city of Trenton put us to shame with their incredible interest in preserving their local history. Hamilton on the other had had destroyed countless valuable historic material in order to gain storage space. Even today, few in the upper levels of local governments are too busy with every day business to concern themselves with history. Indeed, the only time they realize that there is a need is when they are commemorating an historic anniversary and seek information. Jack is a fellow history buff and especially knowledgeable on the subject of local American Indian lore. In his earlier years, he did archaeological digs seeking Indian relics and came up with an impressive collection which has been on display at the American Indian Museum that he founded at Hamilton's Veterans Park. In today's society, The Hamilton Library website, "Tom Glover's Hamilton" will soon reach one million visitors; not unique visits, but from those who return day by day looking for the latest posts. I will be eternally grateful to former Mayor Jack Rafferty for accepting my proposal to bring local history to those who are interested.

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