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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Did you know that North Olden Avenue once terminated at Princeton Avenue? In 1930 an "extension" was added at Princeton Avenue northward. The article indicates that it terminated at the Scotch Road which I interpret as being Parkway Avenue.

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SJBill said...

I love old maps, no matter how primitive they might be.
The dashed road running perpendicular to Olden Ave. Ext. is I think Arctic Parkway, which ends rather abruptly at Spruce St. Had the road been built according to the map, it would have intersected Lawrence Road just across Shabakunk Creek form the Notre Dame High School site. it would have certainly eased traffic through the Harney's Corner area.

The old Trenton - Princeton Trolley line ran just behind our family home in Lawrence after we left the Burg. There was great hunting back in that tract. We could even shoulder our shotguns without SWAT teams being called.