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Thursday, October 01, 2015


I remember so many local newspaper columnists who have devoted their output to the history of Trenton. John Cleary, Harry Podmore, Bill Dwyer, and many others among whom is my favorite local historian, Ms. Sally Lane. Sally's columns were always accompanied by very interesting graphics. Unfortunately, in today's newspaper industry, graphics take a back seat to written content. Be that as it may, some time ago, I began digitizing some of Ms. Lane's columns. Details follow.
So many subjects, so much fast fading history, so little time! I envision myself standing at the edge of a heavily forested area trying to identify each tree; an impossible task. My computer is a Dell Precision M6400 which was manufactured to replace that huge tower those of my fellow computer users have on their desk top. There are 46,542 files on "TOM'S HISTORY" computer found in 1,199 folders. Indeed 53 gigabytes on my hard drive are taken up by the aforementioned files and folders. The graphic shows just one of those folders; in this case my favorite local historian, Ms. Sally Lane. As of the present time, I have succeeded in digitizing 48 of Sally's past newspaper columns. My point? Go back to that forest to the trees I referred to. It will give you an idea of how much more yet to be digitized local history is to be added to the hard drive on my M6400 Dell Precision computer. Please Lord, let me have 10 more years to keep adding!

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Don Whiteley said...

I sure hope you have multiple backups of your hard drive. It would be a shame to lose all your hard work in as you probably know sooner or later hard drives fail.
Don Whiteley