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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


What a wonderful gift God has given to me! At the much too rapidly advancing age of 82, I have been gifted with the ability to digitize my life! Well, not only my life, but many of my fellow citizens as I am able to bring photos, articles, ephemera, nostalgia and countless other physically visible memories of years gone by. Above is an example of a small remnant of time relating to my beloved Kuser Farm. One of the many questions people have asked me over the years relates to the fabled dining room which doubled as the Kuser Farm little theater. Today. As can be seen in the October, 1931 news clipping from my collection, William Fox was helped along in his efforts to establish a motion picture company. With the recent addition of the "talkies" in the late 1920's, the industry mushroomed and many film companies were established. The Kuser boys were instrumental in giving William Fox a financial interest in his film company which over the years would evolve into 20th Century Fox films. One of the perks the Kuser family got in return was the privilege of screening any and ALL movies released by the studio before they were introduced to the public. New York City's famous "Roxy" theater was the flagship theater for 20th Century Fox. The Glover connection to the Kusers began way back in 1938 when my brother Bud worked at odd jobs at the Kuser Farm. Bud went to to become an operator of the Kuser 35 millimeter Simplex-Acme portable projectors; a task he quickly learned.  When brother Bud entered the Navy in 1945, I assumed his position at the farm. During our years of working for Fred and Edna Kuser from 1945 up to adulthood, when my best buddy Don Slabicki and I married and started our families. I didn't have the very necessary ability to run those projectors as did my brother. However, my buddy Don Slabicki was the one who became the replacement for my brother. I hope to do a Kuser Mansion program in the future, relating to my years at a place I consider to be my "outdoor chapel." Stay tuned.

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