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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Don't you just love the clarity of these graphics? You can actually see the "offset" dots in the photographs. Here is an interesting peek at the area nightspots back 50 plus years ago. The Benny Snyder photo is of particular interest to me. He had regular summer Sunday concerts a the Kuser gazebo along with my classmate Dick Chimes's Polka band. Other very familiar spots. Hank William Jr. at the Frontier Room!


Michael said...

Glad to see you are back in action. Began to worry about you.

Ate or drank at everyone of these notable Boites. Still have fond Memories of Johnny Baldasarri's Columbus Inn on Calhoun St. Jimmy Maione's always had great muscians. Charlie Ventura, Bill Haley etc. The Frontier Room hosted Johnny Cash, and a clean shaven, short haired ( if you can believe it) Willy Nelson shortly after both leaving the Air Force and starting their careers.

Once again Tom; Thanks for the memories

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Great to hear from you as usual, Mike. Let's say I am in the midst of a life changing experience and learning how to adjust to that experience. God has a way of bringing peace and acceptance, but it doesn't come overnight. Thanks for your understanding and as usual your incredible experiences.