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Friday, June 12, 2015


This comprehensive graphic was a joy to cut and paste together. How many memories are to be found in this combination of ads from 3 pages of theTRENTONIAN in November, 1963. As can be seen by the racy and suggestive ads from the Lawrence Drive In, the Brunswick, and Philadelphia's Roosevelt Drive in, the American culture war was in its beginning stages. Could know it would evolve into the degrading changes in morality as we see it in the 21st century? The ad is a fascinating look at the area I knew as a young man in his 30's.

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SJBill said...

This was the year that our family left the Burg and settling in Lawrence. One place on the ad-sheet was Sciarotta's Golden Slipper Bar and Restaurant is dear to me, and not because I ate there. Their daughter Phyllis was a classmate of mine though Junior Four and Trenton High. She was delightful (in case she's reading this)! Her family most out to the suburbs in about that period and bought the Windsor Manor Hotel, out in where else but Windsor. I ran into Phyllis probably in the mid 70s at the ShopRite in Hightstown and she was doing very well.

The Windsor Inn has of course changed hands over the years, and I think it is owned by another THS classmate Wiley Storaci, under the name Amarone's. Hoping it's good food. Next time I'm in Jersey I'll give it a try.