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Friday, April 24, 2015


Today is a landmark day for me as I celebrate my 61st anniversary without my dear Judy who went to be with the Lord on December 17, 2014. (Merry Christmas, Tom!). Without my faith, my family and COUNTLESS friends,  this journey would be worse than trying to climb the rock of Gibraltar in dress shoes. That faith was given to me by three people during my young years: Judy Britton, then Father Leonard Toomey, and my best buddy of all time, Don Slabicki who surprisingly invited me to a St. Anthony Holy Name Society meeting many, many years ago. This summer, as I embark on my 9th season of music concerts at Kuser Park, my new singing partner Jack Pyrah and I will be concentrating on songs of Faith, Inspiration, Love, and Mirth as we sing uplifting songs that encourage those who attend this free volunteer community program to dance or sing along. I sent the above graphic heavenward to Judy this morning. I know is smiling as she recalls our happy years together
 Let me tell you about that music that Jack and I will be singing this year at the Kuser Gazebo:
There is a remarkable musical concept known in the industry as "MIDI." "Musical Instrumental Digital Interface." I could never go into detail explaining this heavenly gift, but I can tell you it has changed my life and has given me the ability to pray in song, (He who sings prays twice.") Indeed, the advent of the computer has proven to be a most incredible "life changers" for me since I got into computing in the middle of the1980's. Along with  this very successful website which will soon achieve 900,000 visits to my 8000-plus pages of local history, ephemera and nostalgia, I have received a very special computer "bonus" which allows me to pick out any or all instruments, grab one of the hundreds of "midi" songs in my computer, push the midi player's "Play" button, and sing along. This remarkable computer program is perfect for those of us who have the ability to sing, but never had the talent to play an instrument with which to sing along.  Thanks to the availability of thousands of "midi files," I can pick from the thousands of songs, adjust the tempo, and find the appropriate key for my baritone voice; truly a digital gift from above!.

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Jersey Girl said...

Hi Tom,

I think that the "first anniversaries" of events following the death of someone dear are so heartrending because that person was with you the "last time". It's wonderful that you and Judy had such a beautiful marriage and life together. Many of us waste precious time in disagreement. You are truly blessed and an inspiration to us all. Best wishes..