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Sunday, April 19, 2015


As you might imagine, this coming week is going to put me on an emotional rollercoaster as April 24th arrives and my reach our 61st anniversary. The photo at the top is the latest bouquet of cut flowers that I have set up in my living room, along with appropriate graphics as seen below. It ain't no fun to live alone and miss that special someone. However, one of the prices one must pay for a happy marriage is one must be left behind. I won that lottery.


Michael said...

Hang in there Tom, many many folks are rooting for you to pull through the adversity you have been handed. No need to tell you, how fortunate you were to have Judy for all those years.
God Bless

Mike Kuzma

Lee Belardino said...

I wish I was there to share some of the great thongs that happened to us. We were so lucky to share the lives of 2 wonderful women. Man,you sure did hit the jackpot.
YOU,LL GET THROUGH THIS because you are a product of the greatest times ever made possible because of people like Judy Britton Glover and Louise Baird and Tommy Glover. Your pal always.