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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I must admit that I am not very proficient when it comes to understanding the social networking website, "Linked-in." The graphic above is an extracted segment of what appears to be folks who over the years have credited me with numerous talents that I never knew I had. For instance: I have absolutely no experience with "Grant Writing." Indeed, I have been contacted by Mercer County with an occasional email advising of a grant writing opportunity. My exposure to that subject was intimidating to me and at each opportunity to write a grant request, I "chickened out." The other skill with which I have been credited is "Teaching." Hey! My education was Kuser Grammar School and Hamilton High School 1951, followed by the school of hard knocks in the U.S. Army, and living happily with my dear wife of 60 years. I never went to college, nor did my mom and dad have the $900 tuition required when I told them I would like to go to Trenton State Teachers College and become a history major. As to the other "skills" listed, I guess my 81 years of living with the talents God has given to me are reflected in the very generous table above. However, I would change "Museums" to "Library," or some other definition of my historical repository. As to the other "Skills," I would hope so, after 60 of my 81 years have been spent on those lifetime goals.

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