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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I am also posting this interesting 1927 map from Fitzgerald's Trenton City Directory on Facebook but in order to see it Facebookers will have to see it fully on Unfortunately maps are a challenge even here in the blogosphere as their mere size intimidates even the larger computer monitors. How I would love to have a computer and monitor that would present an entire newspaper page with clarity. This 20 inch monitor on mine does a reasonable job, but as you can see there are areas on all 4 sides of the map that are too big for current technology. My 11 x 17 tabloid scanner does a fine job, but I still end up with clipping. HOWEVER, you will find that the area scanned on this map is quite complete from the Southard Street area over to Cedar Lawn, Homedell, and nort the the Greenwood cemetery. Enjoy!


Michael said...

Not to take issue with you, but Southard St. began near East State St. splitting off from Ewing St where I worked for Hibbert Printing for years, and ran west to Ewing Township just beyond Calhoun. In my position of Chief Real Estate I reviewed many old maps and Atlas' and can't recall Southard ever running East to Hamilton. I enlarged the map, and can see State, Hamilton, and Greenwood all heading in the direction of Hamilton, but can't find Southard. Glad you are back. I began to worry about you taking a week's hiatus.

Warm Regards

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

You're not taking issue, Mike. Just a misunderstanding in my description of the map showing Southard St.(at Princeton Ave) and it's eastward coverage to the Homedell area and northward to Greenwood Cemetery. Look closeley and you will see the aforementioned Southard-Princeton Avenue intersection is shown on the left side of the scan.


Michael said...

Tom: Just got the magnifying glass out.
Still see no direct link of Southard St. to Homdell, other than as I noted previously, The Westerly terminus of Southard St. is in Ewing Twp. amidst one of the many scrap yards there just off Calhoun. I see the intersection of Princeton and Southard, and knew it well since My Brother in law Johnny Zuccarelli was raised in the 2nd house on Princeton Ave. north of Jr. #1 shown at the interection. Southard according to your map ( as I see it through the glass) crosses over Perry at Swamp Angel and terminates with the confluence of Ewing St. where I worked for several years at Hibbert Printing in the 50's. The only connection I see is if you make a left turn from Southard to Perry St. which quickly becomes Lincoln Ave. ( where I was the first Manager of the High rise Public housing towers now demolished) over the RR main line Lincoln becomes Chambers at East State St. and than Chambers meanders on out to Hamilton on the left as it crosses Liberty St.
Am I seeing this right or do I need another eye doctor appointment? LOL Old age is hell!

Mike Kuzma