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Friday, March 13, 2015


How's this for an incredible closeup of one of Trenton's most famous refreshment locations where that frosty glass of Nedick's orange had you back at the counter for a refill. Once again, as zoomer which concentrates on the south west corner of State and Broad during what I consider the golden years.

Note: I originally dated this erroneously from another Maxwell photo. The correct date is changed in the photo to 1946. Thanks to Ray Paskiewicz who was kind enough to advise me of the error. Ray, you know I was caught napping and you also know that I know there was quite a difference in 1930's autos as opposed to the 1940's


rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, The date of this photo is probably around 1947, not 1935, as shown in the title. I commented on the 1941 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine, when you previously published a larger version of this photo, some time ago. I would like to know who owned this Cadillac. There is a woman in the back seat, obviously dressed up, with a fancy flowered hat, her chauffeur is behind the wheel. He has his driving cap on. The license plate is a special low number with the little number at the end, indicating they own more than one car, carrying that plate number.
I stopped in Nedicks, many times for that 5 cent Orangeade and a 15 cent hotdog, when I used to ride into town on my Schwinn. The bus is going to the end of the line at Revere and Roebling Ave, where it will stop and wait, before beginning it's trip back into town. I remember boarding this bus occasionally , while it waited there, on a a warm summer day, motor running, all the windows open and a slight breeze wafting through the interior. I can see it now. rayfromvillapark

Michael said...

RAY& Tom:

Another great photo, and good insight from Ray. I too was about to comment on the date in view of the cars being much younger. Do either of you recognize that most of the car license plates of this era bore the initial letter "L".
That was the old way of identifying the care as being titled in Mercer County. Much like Florida's license plates reflecting t he County name from whence it came. More nice work Tom.

Mike Kuzma

Tom Glover said...

Thanks guys. Sorry for the date mixup. I filled a former frame with the 1946 photo and neglected to change the date. It is corrected herewith. Thanks Ray and Mike for keeping me honest!