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Friday, March 13, 2015


This interesting photo had me quite puzzled until I think I finally figured it out. Let's go back to my teen years when Route 130 was known as Route 25. Today, as one leaves the White Horse circle south on route 206, you come the fork in the highway where Route 130 continues southward on the right fork, and Route 206 is the left fork (Heading south). The auto shown in the photo is moving southward on Route 206. Hey, with the incredible changes that have taken place over the years, there is a chance that I am in error in locating this spot as described above., I was never a patron at saloons and bars so I really can't recall the Bordentown Grill. Corrective of confirming comments always welcome.


rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, Wasn't the Bordentown Bar and Grill, actually a Diner, as well as a Bar. I have some postcards, showing the building, including the interior, and it is laid out like a diner. I am always amazed by the lack of traffic ion some of these old more suburban locations. It was a pleasure to go for a drive, and that is what we did in the old 1941 Chevrolet, when I was kid. rayfromvillapark

Michael said...

This is in fact the original Mastoris Diner which burned down to the ground some yeas later, and after Jimmy had modernnized it with a shiny facade, and new interior.
Used to pass this way enroute to my jobs on the horse farms in Burlington County off Rt. 206.
This is a first time for this photo, and it's great!
Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

Tom - As I recall when I was young we had a large family party there to welcome home my Uncle Bill Goldy from the war. We had to wait a long time for him to get there and it was very late at night. My family had rented the large room, sort of a banquet room,in the back of the diner and I remember distinctly a waitress dropping an entire tray of silverware on the floor! This made a big impression on a little girl who was half asleep!
Lakeside Girl

SJBill said...

This is a great image taken in my birth year. IIRC is was painted a dull green color and it was only a minute or so south of Joe Zazzo's Parkside Motors (a Plymouth, Dodge and Desoto dealership), and the Parkside Lounge, which served my first ever Shirley Temple while Mom and Dad had other special things.

Like most Jersey diners, the Bordentown Grill had wonderful food. As a youngster I remember waiting forever for a meal to arrive - maybe 5 or ten minutes - which seemed like an eternity for a hot dog and a small order of French fries.

It was here where my Dad tried to teach me that items called appetizers were supposed to make you more hungry for even more food. I didn't get it.

This place was one of the first to have juke box remote controllers place at every booth so you didn't have to leave the booth to lose all your spare change.

Anonymous said...

In the early 1950s we'd head through this intersection on our way to friends who lived down 206 in Columbus and there was a big neon flashing STOP sign for cars traveling on Rt. 206 at this intersestion. Yes, the Bordentown Grill was green in color and had great food.