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Sunday, January 18, 2015


How I love these center city R.C. Maxwell photos! This is a magnified and extracted portion of southbound autos leaving State Street as it was back in 1952; the year I began my working career with the now defunct Trenton Bearing Co. Those of us who remember the Trenton of the mid 20th century will agree that it was a lively and bustling town with countless retail stores.

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Anonymous said...

As a kid growing up in Trenton (we lived on Front Street, N. Broad St., and S. Warren Street until I was about 11. We then moved to Third Street. I remember from about the time I was 7, I had the freedom to walk to about every section of Trenton. With my bike I could expand even farther. I fondly remember the 'glory' days of Trenton. I was 6 in 1952 and attended St. Mary's Cathedral grammar school. After we moved to 3rd St. I went to Holy Cross Grammar school where I graduated 8th grade in 1960. I loved the hustle and bustle of Trenton and also all the stores and diners and restaurants downtown. I only wish my children could have experienced the same things as I did when they were young.But, that was a different era, different times and I actually mourn for what Trenton has become.