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Saturday, January 17, 2015


I seem to recall that my friend,the late Meredith "Med" Havens worked for the Standard Fire Insurance Company. Old timers will remember that old reliable Coleman Drug store that was on the corner of Greenwood and So. Olden Avenue. The building still stands but Coleman is long gone. As to the Stacy Laundry, when I saw their appearance on the graphic, I tried to recall some of the others that still linger in my memory......Blakeley, Lincoln, gosh, I forgot many of the others!

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Anonymous said...

I remember Nicholson's Pharmacy on Stuyvesant and Hermitage where I worked. Joe Nicholson was a gem of a human being and Pharmacist.
He was kind and caring and treated us working class kids very well. He had 5 boys of his own.