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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


In our neighborhood it was either the Gaiety or the Greenwood theater. The Gaiety, along with the Centre Theater on Centre Street in South Trenton were not known as "first run" theaters. I remember going to their summer Tuesday matinees where a kid could spend a summer afternoon watching a double feature, a news reel, a cartoon carnival, and usually a 12 chapter serial, all for the miserly sum of a lttle over 10 cents admission. The younger generation won't remember the Gaiety. However most of them will recall that it morphed into the Olden Theater in later years.

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Lee Belardino said...

I remember the Gaity. I didn,t go there very often as The Broad theatre was my favorite for Saturday serials and sunday night '1st runs".Actually they were 1st runs because that belonged to the downtown theatres but who could afford them. I do remember going to the Gaity once when I played hookey. LOTS OF SERIALS.