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Thursday, January 08, 2015


These incredible R.C. Maxwell - Duke University Library photos allow for clarity which I find particularly fascinating. Here's a closeup of the intersection of So. Broad and E.Front Street with the Methodist Church tower just partially visible. Below is a GoogleEarth view of the intersection as it appears today. What a difference in the transformation of that intersection after these 95 years!
. Over the past year or so since I discovered this incredible collection of Trenton area photos, I note that there are a number of these R.C.Maxwell Trenton area photos that are being posted with no credit as to the source which is in violation of U.S. Copyright "fair use" laws. In keeping with this law, and as required by the Duke University Library R.C. Maxwell Collection, I insert the copyright information on the actual photos which I post on various internet locations. This  effectively prevents me from being in violation of the aforesaid law. Posting with no credit physically printed on the photo allows for copying and re-posting elsewhere on various websites.

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