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Saturday, January 24, 2015


This 1920's era photo gives a rare glimpse into the Prior Baking plant. Is there anyone from my generation who didn't pass by the shop on South Clinton Avenue and Liberty Street and savor the aroma of fresh baked aroma that nearly made you swoon? Prior's "Creamsticks" were imitated but never duplicated UNTIL NOW! Yes, Eet Gud Bakery on Hamilton Avenue has incredibly delicious "Creamsticks" that are every bit as good as those I remember from Prior and also the now defunct Paramount bakery.


Lee Belardino said...

When I attended Franklin school I lived on Liberty street and walked to school.Every day I passed Priors donuts and to this day 81 years later I can smell the aroma of those baking donuts coming from the Bakery. I think they were 30 cents a dozen.Who could afford that?

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: Prior's was our usual stop after church in West Trenton. The ride was worth it. Regards

Jersey Girl said...

Hi Tom,
We lived in walking distance of Prior's. We lived on Adeline Street. They were the BEST doughnuts, especially the long cream ones. I would have one of every variety at one sitting! I could never do that today. The aroma was wonderful! Thank you for sharing this photo!