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Friday, November 14, 2014


Kuser farm is, and always will be a spiritual retreat for me. There is not a single location in that "mansion" (we called a "house") with which I am not familiar, nor any location on the expansive ground where I haven't visited over the past 70 plus years. As I age, and I dare say many others who are what I call "Senior senior citizens,"  find those to be very precious memories of our earlier years to be gifts from God. Sadly, the grape arbor that once produced incredibly beautiful Concord grapes is dying a sad death. Edna Kuser's Raspberry patch was long ago unearthed, to be replaced with a quoit playing area which is never used. On the plus side, Kuser Foreman Tom Everett and his crew are doing an extraordinary job in beautifying the flower gardens and maintaining the area. My buddy "Jake" is a natural green thumb. He had those flowers in full bloom right up until today, just a little before those winter storms begin.

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